The Garden Hose Dilemma


California is still in a drought and the current guidelines require that all garden hoses have a nozzle attached.  Even without the drought, having a nozzle on your hose saves water and assists in directing the proper amount and type of water flow to ensure a happy plant.  But I have a confession to make—nozzles and I just don’t get along.

At first, I thought I could get away with one expensive heavy duty nozzle. So I bought one.  Maybe not the best investment I ever made.  I could never find it–was it in the back, front, or did I put it in such an obvious place that I knew I could find it (only I didn’t)? When I did discover the missing nozzle, there always seemed to be leaks when I’d switch it from one hose to another.  So I began to lug extra rubber gaskets around.  Somehow, a simple nozzle was taking the fun out of gardening.

I knew I needed one nozzle on each hose and our local water district was giving them away for free.  “Great!” I thought.  Ha.  The celebration ended the first time I dropped the hose and the plastic cracked; another one never fit the hose just right and leaked all over the place.  Half the time it was stuck between the shower pattern and the mister mode. So I got my shower while fully clothed in the front yard! Luckily no water police were around.

I’m always getting distracted by some weeds I missed, or by a beautiful bird, and I just let go of the hose– where it hits the walkway with a sickening thud.  So the nozzle was going to break at some point anyway.  Am I the only one who does this?

What now? Well, I hit the internet and looked up reports on the best hose nozzles. Turns out that complaints abounded about the super expensive ones.  Yes, they had strong guarantees—but it would be time consuming and frustrating to exchange if something went wrong. The happiest consumers had special nozzles for their particular type of garden, like a wand nozzle for someone with a lot of hanging plants. But a specialty nozzle won’t work for me as I have a little of everything. I can’t imagine having a nozzle toolbelt to wear in the garden!

My current solution is to buy the old-fashioned all-metal nozzles. You can get them for around $5, and you can drop them many times before they break.  Which I plan to do whenever I see a beautiful bird.

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  1. Son of a gun, this is so helfupl!

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